Saturday, 2 March 2013

Beautiful Surah Al-Fatihah.

assalamualaikum,hi hey hoiiii.anyeong yeahhhh about 5 days ago,i was chilling with maaa friends at surau.not chilling actually.ustazah ask us to perform solat sunat duha,if im not mistaken.ehehehe.and then ustazah showed us a paper and ask us who interested in joining tilawah,syarahan,hafazan for next and seha are the most excited person when heard that news.ehehehehe im really interested taking part in tilawah.tapi sayeangggg,nafas ai takpanjang~~~how nak tarik tu semua bila baca~~~~emmm.well at least i can give a today i decided to search on youtube how to recite al-quran beautifully.and i found this.....

    i am so in love with his come he can recite surah al-fatihah this merdu?Subhanallah.